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Related post: Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 19:38:45 -0400 From: Timothy J Dumas Subject: Rian and Slick Di_k Chapter 3 This is a story involving teenage gay males and may include sexually explicit content, adult language, and/or violence. If this kind of material is offensive to you, you are under the age russian boy nudes of 18, or is illegal in the area where russian girl ass you live, do not read any further.Please feel free to send me comments and story ideas...* russian angel pussy * * *Rian and Slick Di kChapter 3 I dropped my gym bag in the hallway. Grabbed the waistband of Chase's shorts and lead him to the bedroom. Entering the room I took off my wife beater and threw it on the floor. nude russian link I turned around and we embraced, our mouths met kissing passionately for several minutes while our tongues danced around in underground russian porn pics each others mouths. I ran my hands up and down his back, stopping occasionally to give his but cheeks a squeeze. He russian nudes fucked has a nice firm ass on him. We continued kissing for several more minutes as our hands danced across each others bare backs. We stopped kissing, and he stared directly into my eyes as he started stepping us backwards hot russian sluts toward the waterbed. I reached the bed first and slowly lowered myself down onto it, he continued to keep his face close to russian escort babes mine looking directly into my eyes as I crawled back onto the bed. He crawled on top of me without breaking eye contact. We kissed again for a few more minutes before he started kissing his way down my chin, neck and chest. He kept kissing and licking across my chest until he found my left nipple and began sucking on it. He licked, sucked, and gently nibbled on it for several minutes as I started gasping with pleasure. I grabbed russian litlle girls nude his head in my hands and started moving him over to my right nipple as he licked a trail from the left one to it. 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I nibbled, sucked and licked on it for a few minutes, russian boys 14 making sure to give it the same treatment that the right one had enjoyed. I then started licking and kiss my way down his neck, over his collar bone down to his left nipple. As I started licking his left nipple, he shuddered and moaned. I licked and sucked at it, and from his free porn russian reaction you could tell that he liked having his nipples played with. I started sucking and nibbling on it., and he was getting louder with each flick of my tongue. I continued on his left nipple for another couple of minutes before moving across to his right nipple. I kissed and licked my way across his broad chest, and onto his right peck. I continued kissing and licking until I found his right nipple and sucked it between my teeth and nibbled russian incest kiddie porn on it. Chase let out another moan of pleasure as he took his left hand and pressed my head into his peck. I nibbled and lick, sucked and flicked at it with fucking russian girl porn my tongue. He was moaning in unison with my movements, he was really enjoying the pleasurable torture russian girls 15yr I was putting his nipple through. voyeur russian I continued working on his right nipple while my hand russian schoolgirls undressing started to play with his left nipple. I rubbed it gently with my fingertips, and pinched it between my thumb and forefinger. I could tell he was really enjoying russian boys strip it when he arched his back off of the bed and let out a loud moan. I stopped playing with his right nipple and slid back up best russian bride site his chest so porn incest russian that our tongues could get reacquainted with each other. I jammed my tongue into his open mouth. We kissed for another few minutes before he flipped me onto my back and reassumed the top position. I wrapped my legs around his waist, he broke the kiss and pushed himself up with his arms. He looked into my eyes while panting with pleasure. I reached up and pulled him back on top of me and started to assault his left ear again with my tongue. He squirmed and moaned as he ground his captive cock into mine. Chase rolled us over onto our side. I continued to ravage his left ear as his left hand started working it's way down my side. I licked my way back to his mouth and we kissed camgirls live russian ass while he started to undo the top button of my button-fly jeans. He got it undone in a few seconds without any problem, I reached down with my right hand and pulled at the drawstring on his shorts, he continued working his way down my fly with his left hand. I started rubbing my right hand against his stomach, working it lower and lower until it was inside the waistband of russian nudist sites his russian kids porno shorts. Chase undid the last button of russian twink fucking my fly and pushed me onto my back breaking our kiss while he remained on his side. He leaned forward and took my left nipple into his mouth and nibbled on it for a few seconds. He then started working his way down my abs, he stopped for a few minutes at my navel and gave it a good licking. While Chase was working his way down my abs he stuck his left hand down my pants and grabbed my rock hard erection and gave it a gentle squeeze, I moaned with pleasure. He pulled my cock out of my fly and yuong russian girls started gently stroking it. He licked his way from my navel to the base of my cock, and up it's length to the crown of my head. He parted his lips, put my cock head into his mouth and let his tongue dance around it. He gently sucked the head while he continued to slowly stroke me. I put my right hand on top of his head and started to push him down onto my cock, but he resisted. He kept sucking the head while I russian fuck dog moaned with pleasure. He would occasionally take my cock head out of his mouth and trace the head with just his tongue, this sent shivers down my spine as he hit the sensitive areas of my cock head. He stopped stroking me with his left hand and started pushing my pants down. He pushed then down to my knees, then it was my turn to get his at least partially nympho russian off him. I pushed him onto his back and rolled onto my left side. I leaned forward and attacked his right nipple again with my mouth, nibbling and sucking on it. He started to softly moan. I moved my right hand down his side and across his waistband. I pulled the waistband out from his body and started pushing it down. His cock russian family sex rapidshare sprang clear of the shorts as I got free russian video clip the waistband down past his balls. He pulled his knees up towards his chest so that I could get exclusive russian nude them completely off of him. I threw them onto the floor and grabbed his big cock with my right hand. I stroked his thick stick several times before he stopped me by pushing me back onto my back. He sat up and used both hands to take my jeans the rest of the way off me. He then crawled on top of me and our bare cocks touched each other as he laid on top of me. We began kissing again as Chase started to thrust his hips, grinding his cock into mine. I russian amateur porn free wrapped my legs around him again as he continued to thrust against me. He broke the kiss russian girls illegal porno and started to make his way down my neck with his tongue. He stopped to lick my Adam's apple then continued down. He stopped at my left nipple again and pleasured it for a few minutes with his tongue and lips. He started his way down my abs and to my navel. When he reached my navel he repositioned himself so that he was naturist russian sex laying between my legs. He continued he descent down into my crotch making sure to lick the trail of pubic hair that I had from my navel to my cock. Chase opened his mouth and put the cock head into his mouth, he sucked on it for several minutes before taking the whole length of my shaft into him mouth and throat. I moaned and thrust my hips upward which drove my cock deeper into his throat. He started to hum which caused his vocal cords to vibrate against my cock head tickling it. I moaned again even loader. After torturing my cock head for a few minutes he pulled it out of his throat and went back to just sucking on the head of it while I tried to catch my breath from the russian catfighters moaning. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and looked up at me and smiled. I look back at him with lust in my eyes. I know that this was going to be a very pleasurable night with Chase. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed my cock again. He went all the way down on it.. then would come almost all the way off of it except for the head then plunge back down on it. The whole time he was doing this he was humming which sent brutal russian porno shock waves through my cock. Each time my cock head would reach his vocal russian gymnast naked cords they touched and russian nude art photos I moaned from the feeling of the vibrations on my cock. He kept this up for several minutes until I was squirming and moaning wildly on the bed. He pulled my cock all the way out of his mouth. He then started licking my shaft from the tip all the way down to my balls. He licked them blog kiddy russian russian girl free porn every which way until he was satisfied that they were completely licked. He then took one of them into his mouth and sucked on it, rolling it around in his mouth. He would spit it out and take the other one in and give it the same treatment. When he spit that one out of his mouth he would lick up my entire shaft and tease my cock head with his tongue before going masturbation russian girls back down it. He ran up and down my shaft about 7 or 8 times before he put my cock head back into his mouth. He sucked on my cock head letting his tongue explore ever kids russians nudes inch of it. He removed it from his mouth again and licked russian portal boys the slit several time with the tip of his tongue, lapping up the drops of pre-cum that were coming out of it. He crawled back up russian naturist nymphs my body and we russian esccort kissed frantically in the heat of our passion. I made the move to put him on his back but he resisted. Instead he started lowering himself back down my body. He reached my cock once again and throated it immediately. I let out a loud moad, then he began humming again. My cock was tingling with the sensation that his vocal cords were giving me and I know that if he kept this up it wouldn't be long before I shot a wad of cum down his throat. I grabbed him by the ears and thrust my cock deeper into his throat a couple of times before pulling him completely off of me. "I don't want to cum yet." I said looking into his eyes. russians tpg "Now it's my turn to service that russian boys violated big cock russian xxx explicit photos of yours." I said to him as I pulled him up to me and rolled him onto his back. I laid on top of him for a couple of minutes kissing him. I could take my cock and pre-cum on his lips. I slid my way down his body, I didn't waste any time getting to his cock. I grabbed it with my right hand and opened my mouth wide. I placed his thick head into my mouth and started sucking on it. His cock was about 11 inches long and about 6 inches around. Those cowboys sure know how to grow them. I sucked on his head for a couple of minutes then started working my way down his shaft. I would put about and inch into my mouth then come all the way back up to the tip before putting it back into my mouth. I worked on each inch of his length for a couple of minutes before putting another inch of it into russian lollitas xxx my mouth. potro gay russian video I could tell that Chase had a sensitive cock head by the way he squirmed each time I ran my tongue along the top ridge of it. After getting about two - thirds of his length into my mouth I decided that it was time to swallow all of it. I pulled his cock erg 2004 russian all the way out of my mouth, licked my lips and started back down his shaft. I kept working at it until I had his entire length in my throat. He let out russian girls for fuck a loud moan as my nose reached his pubic hair. I stayed there for a few seconds bobbing up and down on the a sexy russian maid shaft in my throat, then I started my slow ascent to the head. I reached the head and russian shocking sex bobbed up and down on it for a few seconds, making sure to hit his sensitive spot with every movement. He was moaning and thrusting hit hips like he wanted me to take him all the way into my throat again. So being the gracious host that I was, I went all the way back down on his cock. He moaned and arched his back again, he was really enjoying this. "Oh man," he said "I can't believe you can swallow russian toe touch dance that big cock of mine. It is hard for most people to even get half of it into their mouths." I removed his cock from my throat and licked my lips. "That is true, it isn't easy. But once you get used to it is isn't that hard to do." I said as I put it back into my throat for another few minutes of sheer bliss to him. "You had better stop that before I blow right in your throat." He said and panted heavily. I pulled his cock out of my throat and left just the head in and teased it for several minutes until he couldn't take it any more. He pulled my mouth off his cock with the right hand and grabbed his cock with the left. "I don't want this to go off yet," he said. "I am not done having fun with you yet." He pulled my up onto my side next to him and we began kissing again. He sexy single russian girls then pushed my onto my stomach while he repositioned himself naked russian amateur between my legs. He started kissing my ass and I knew that I was going to get rimmed by him. I spread my legs a little bit further and raised my hips up so that he could have complete access to my hole. He grabbed my cheeks with each hand and spread them apart exposing my sphincter. He opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and lowered himself towards it. He started to lick all around it with his powerful tongue in alternating directions sending waves of pleasure through me. Each time he would lick across the center of the hole I would let out a soft moan. He kept licking my hole for several minutes getting it nice and wet before he forced his tongue into my sphincter. I let out a loud moan as his tongue began to enter me. He kept it inside of me and kept twitching it to make me squirm. He removed his tongue and licked my hole a little more before pushing it back into me. I raised my hips bringing me up russian milf onto my knees so that he could have full access to my hole. He kept licking and sticking at it trying to get it nice and wet and loosened up. He licked a finger and started to massage my hole with anal pics russian girls it while he licked my balls. I ilegal lollitas russian let out a moan as he continued to massage my hole. He licked his finger again and massaged at my hole for another few seconds before starting to push it into my russian hand job hole. I let out a load moan as I could feel his thick finger mpge russians slide into me up to the second knuckle. nude russian woman I tightened my sphincter around his finger while he started wiggling it inside me. His tongue kept moving from my balls up to my sphincter making sure that it was still nice and wet. He started sliding his finger in and out of my sphincter and I could feel every knuckle as he did. After a few minutes of just one finger he stuck another one in with it, all the way up to where the fingers meet the palm of the hand. I moaned and squirmed, he kept on licking. My sphincter was starting to loosen up to his massaging and licking. I was panting pretty heavily when he removed his fingers and russian pussy cum took naturist movies russian over with his tongue. He kept sticking his tongue in and out of my sphincter while he gave me the reach around and was stroking my cock slowly with his left hand. He would gallery sexo russian use his tongue for a few minutes, then switch to his fingers and pics from russian voyeur back and forth. He kept this up for about five or six minutes. "So do you want me to put a raincoat on it or would you rather have bareback?" he asked between licks of my hole. I reached next to my bed and grabbed a condom out of the mint butler and handed it to him. He got up onto his free russian movie knees behind me, resting his thick cock in the crack of my ass and began thrusting his hips. Just the feel of his cock against my russian nudist and naturists ass was awesome, I couldn't wait until it was in me. He tore open the package and threw it onto the floor. I looked back free russian strapon movies over my shoulder and watch him put the condom on, it looked small compared to his big cock. russian clitoris The condom came down to about three inches shy of his base. fucking russians porno He was stretching the condom to its full potential. He gave a chuckle as he reached for the lube in the bowl that the butler was holding. He grabbed the bottle and opened it. He squirted some onto the condom and massaged it in with his right hand. Then he squirted some onto my sphincter and massaged it xxx russian sites into me with his fingers. Removing his fingers he squirted more on to my hole, then continued massaging it. He dropped the litle sexy girls russians bottle of lube in his left hand onto the bed, and began stroking his condom covered cock with it. When he was satisfied that my sphincter was nice and lubed up he put his covered russian films boys cock head right against my sphincter and began to slowly thrust it into me. His cock head disappeared into my ass and I could feel the ridge free russian nudist sites of it entering me. I moaned loudly as he continued pushing himself into me. He stopped pushing when he was half way into me, and pulled himself all the way out. He grabbed his cock and smacked it across my hole a couple of times before sticking it back into me. I let out another loud moan when he reached the half way point of his length where her pulled out again. "Stick that big cock all the way in me." I said panting for breath. He just smiled and smacked my ass with it another couple of times. He pushed it back into me and this time he didn't stop until his pubic hair was touching my ass. I screamed with pleasure as his russian black sea sunbathing cock head brushed across my prostrate on it's way completely into me. He held his russian nude sample video position for a few seconds while I was shuddering from his complete entry, I turned and looked at him. "We can stop if you want to." He said with a smile on his face. I couldn't speak, all I could do was to shake my redhead russian mailorder head no. I didn't want that big cock out of my ass just yet. xxx russian tgp I was enjoying the feeling of it way too much, and I knew that his thrusts would rub my prostrate and make me have a huge orgasm. He started to slowly pull about half of himself out of me, then thrust is back in slowly at first but he picked up the tempo as we went along. With each stroke of his cock head across my prostrate russian boys free I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. He continued fucking me for a few minutes, then pulled out of me. "Roll over, I want to watch your face as I fuck you." he said. I rolled myself over and put my legs up onto his shoulder. He wasted no time at all getting that big cock back into my ass. He started thrusting with the same tempo that he stopped with a few minutes earlier, but this time it felt different. He wasn't brushing across my prostrate. He kept up his russian porn stars rhythm as he leaned forward and our lips met, kissing frantically with out motions. We kept kissing for adult porn russian a few minutes before he knelt back up pulling out of me. He took my legs off his shoulders and let them fall to the bed. He then laid down on the bed on his back and motioned for me to get up and ride him. I couldn't resist russian bald pussy russian amature forums his offer, I quickly got up off my back and straddled his hips with my legs. I slowly knelt down on either side of him. He reached around and grabbed his cock and held it straight up for me. I lowered myself onto it and it entered me completely, running across my prostrate again. I rested there for a few seconds while I steadied myself on the bed. Chase reached up and started playing with my nipples, I started raising and lowering my hips russian gay boy making his cock slide in and out of me. After a few minutes of me riding his big cock we were both panting and I knew that it wouldn't take too long for either of us to explode. I increased my tempo as I could feel my wad starting russian nude boy to slowly make its way up from deep in my balls to my cock. I continued to ride him for another few minutes while he was thrusting his cock deep into me with every thrust. I began moaning and shuddering and Chase new that I was going to explode. He reached down and doggy fuck russian started stroking my cock with his left hand while his right had continued with my nipples. I continued my hip motions. "Oh. Ah." was all I managed to let out of my lips before my load of cum shot out of my cock and all over his chest and abs. I shot seven or eight huge spurts of cum all over him. Chase had a big smile on his face, I slowed my motions down and let him slide out of me. I was spent, all over him. I laid back down on my back on the bed, Chase got up onto his knees between my legs while he removed the condom. He started stroking his big cock and a few seconds later he was shooting cum all over my chest and abs. Seven, eight, nine long spurts of cum shot out of his cock all over me. He kept stroking his cock until the last of his spurts was done. He opened his eyes and smiled at me, I smiled back. He then lowered himself on top of me and we kissed, letting our juices mix together. We kissed for several minutes, both of us too exhausted to move. I broke the kiss, and stared into his eyes. We were russian lesbian dildo fucking both exhausted from our sex. I glanced at then clock, Chase did the same. sexy russian bride It was 11:45pm. We had been having sex for over 2 hours. We looked back at each other and smiled, then kissed again. We laid there in each others arms, with our cum still between up for another few minutes. "I think it's shower time. One of us has a bunch of sum on them." he nude russian girls said with a giggle as he got nubile russian gallery porno russian girl up off of me and the bed. He was right, one of us did, and it was me. I giggled also as he held out his hand to help me off the bed. I took his hand and he helped me off the bed and into his arms for another kiss. I led him to the bathroom and closed the door behind us. He pushed my back up against the door and starting kissing me passionately again. I could feel his cock and mine starting to rise again. I started pushing him back towards the shower, I russian preten nude broke the kiss long enough to open the curtain of the walk-in shower and turned the water on. russian boobies I returned to his arms and we resumed alyssa sex russian kissing. I reached my hand inside and adjusted the temperature of the water. When it was good enough for me I pushed him into it. He immediately found the bench seat at the opposite end of the shower and sat down on it. His big cock was rock hard again, he smiled as he opened his hand and revealed a new condom. He looked up at me and I shook my head yes. He opened the package and once again covered that big stick of his. I moved closer to him just as he finished getting himself into the raincoat. I stepped up onto the bench and put one foot on each side of him and lowered myself all the way down onto his cock once again. gay male nude russians It slid right inside of me and across my prostrate once more. I put my arms around Chase neck and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me and stood up with his cock still planted up my ass. He spun around and knelt down and set my back on the bench. He grabbed my legs and spread them wide above his head as he began thrusting his cock in and russian pornography out of me.
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